Soledad General Plan 2045

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What is a General Plan?

Cultivating the Future

The City of Soledad is updating its General Plan, the plan that guides City decisions about housing, transportation, jobs, parks, shopping, services, and more. The current General Plan was adopted in 2005. This update process will revisit and refresh this important plan to reflect the issues, ideas, and aspirations of today and plan ahead for the next 20 years. The General Plan Update will address:

  • The vision for Soledad in 2045 and guiding values to get us there.
  • Future use and development of land.
  • Housing choices and affordability.
  • How and where we walk, bike, take transit, drive, and park.
  • Local businesses and jobs.
  • Access to parks and recreation.
  • Public art and historic district preservation.
  • Natural and human caused hazards and a changing climate.
  • Energy and water conservation and efficiency, green infrastructure, and active transportation.

Soledad Clock Tower

Los Coches Adobe

The General Plan Vision is here!

Click here to view the General Plan Vision and Guiding Principles.
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Housing Element

The 2023-2031 Housing Element has been revised! Click here to view latest draft.
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Your ideas can help shape the future of Soledad!

Some people don’t have the time to join project meetings, whether in-person or virtual. At various points during the General Plan Update, the Soledad community will have the option to participate in online activities and attend in-person community events.

Attend meetings to provide feedback to the City. Think about long term changes you would like to see in Soledad for the next 20 years!
Staff will combine this feedback with other analysis such as existing conditions, evaluating alternatives, and studying environmental impacts.
The new General Plan is adopted and guides decisions for the city for the next 20 years. The General Plan Update process will take about 2.5 years.