This Briefing Book highlights the unique features of Soledad, as well as the challenges the community faces over the next several decades. It offers a snapshot of current conditions – how land is used, how people move around, how the economy works, and how municipal services support the community – and summarizes anticipated growth, major development projects, economic trends, agricultural resource opportunities, environmental justice issues, and more. 

The information in the Briefing Book is intended to establish a shared understanding of these important characteristics to highlight what the community can build from and what the General Plan Update will need to address.

The existing conditions reports below offer a snapshot of current conditions in Soledad. 

In 2005, the City of Soledad adopted its current General Plan. Soledad’s General Plan is the legal document that serves as the city’s “blueprint” or “constitution” for land use and development. State law requires every city and county in California to adopt and maintain a General Plan that is comprehensive and long-term. The updated General Plan will reflect the issues, ideas, and aspirations of today and plan ahead for the next twenty years. Although the updated General Plan will supersede the 2005 General Plan, the updated General Plan may carry forward policy language that is still serving the community well. Policies and actions that have been accomplished, are no longer relevant, or have been redefined through the update process will be deleted or revised.

The City Council adopted the 2019 Mid-Cycle Housing Element on January 8, 2020.